Shanghai Arisen Printing Equipment Co.,Ltd was established  in 2010, mainly serving for flexographic printing industry. We  focus on supplying printing apparatus with high quality,quality control and related technical services. Our main products include : Sandon Global anilox rolls and AniCAM 3D scanning microscopes from UK,Trelleborg/Axcyl mounting sleeves from France,3M mounting tapes from USA,etc. We have also developed some new products  upon customers' demand,such as carbon fibre chamber doctor blade  system, anilox roller cleaning machine, parts washer, end seals and so on.

Based on our years of industry experience , relying on the technical support of domestic and foreign partners, we not only sell products, but provide customers with comprehensive technical solutions. We are looking forward to establishing a mutual trust and transparent printing partnership with customers , helping customers improve workflow, helping improve printing quality and enhance profitability as well.